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Bloomberg Law

Hot Topics in Consumer False Advertising Litigation

Webinar – 6/18/19

In this webinar, speakers will provide a from-the-trenches look at the hottest trends in consumer false advertising litigation as of 2019. The focus will be on food/beverage, drug, and cosmetic products, although many topics will be relevant to other categories of consumer goods.

Bloomberg Law In-House Forum West

Live – 6/20/19

The Bloomberg Law® In-House Forum West is an exclusive full-day live event for general counsel who are actively seeking insights and analysis on how the latest legal and business developments will impact the way they lead their legal departments.

Prepare for Coming M&A Market Challenges

Webinar – 6/8/19

While merger and acquisition activity has continued at high levels, the market increasingly faces a host of complex factors, from market uncertainties and changing bilateral relationships to Brexit to legal and regulatory change. Those forces will be in play as abundant private equity capital is looking to fund new transactions. This webinar will give organizations the insights they need to frame the best M&A strategy in this environment.

Bloomberg Tax and Accounting

Wayfair: One Year Later

Webinar – 6/20/19

It’s been one year since the Wayfair decision upended the physical presence nexus standard for state sales taxes collected by online retailers. While the vast majority of states have implemented economic nexus standards, many questions still linger. To help shed a light on these issues, Bloomberg Tax gathered responses from state revenue agencies regarding their sales and use tax nexus policies as part of our annual Survey of State Tax Departments.

The New Form W-4 and Employer Withholding: Simplicity Meets Complexity?

Webinar – 6/26/19

July 1 is the deadline to submit comments on the proposed revisions included in the first draft of the 2020 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate. The form would eliminate reliance on withholding allowances as a part of the income tax withholding calculation.

Bloomberg Tax Leadership Forum (NY)

Webinar – 6/27/19

The 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act fundamentally changed the tax landscape for U.S. business, with broad implications for multinational corporations and financial service providers. Join us at the annual Bloomberg Tax Leadership Forum to engage with regulators, policy leaders, industry experts, and corporate tax leaders as they adjust to this new climate.

Bloomberg Environment

Emerging Technology and the Future of EHS Compliance, Enforcement and Risk Management

Webinar – 6/24/19

Companies and regulators continue to make strides in the progression and application of new and emerging technologies. For environment and safety professionals, capabilities include real-time reporting and monitoring capabilities, “big data” processing and analysis, risk management of processes and infrastructures, and increased workflow efficiency.